If you are familiar with the waivers, there is no need to read of the stuff below. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader on your computer (free and you can download it here)  then you can just download the three forms you need and be on your way.

NORMAL WAIVER (required for 99% of all playdates)
MEDICAL WAIVER (required all events)
RULES PAGE (required for all events)
HIGH FPS LIMIT &/OR EXTERNAL PRESSURE TANK (COMMONLY REFERRED TO AS "POLAR STAR") GAMES (you will know if you are attending one. Most people do not)

  The Bad Karma Airsoft Field is an "as is" field. It is on private property and is a NOT FOR PROFIT field. It exists merely for airsoft players to have the coolest place around to come and play. The field has NO INSURANCE on it and absolutely no implied level of safety is ever given to any player who comes out to play with us.
     The field is a "common sense" field. Airsoft, like any sport or physical activity, carries with it an inherent risk of injury. If you want to come out and play with us, then first, YOU THE PLAYER (and your parents or legal guardians is you are under 18) MUST not only consent to that fact, but you also need to understand what it means if you fill out the waivers below and show up to use the field.
     If you are on the field playing in an event and I do not have one of these waivers on file for you, then YOU ARE TRESSPASSING and are subject to arrest. If I have a waiver on file for you, then by participating in an event, YOU OR YOUR LEGAL GUARDIANS are accepting any and all risks that may arise during your time on the field.
     The field is built by players, most of whom are NOT actively employed in the construction business. We make every effort to construct buildings and items on the field to a level of safety that we would let our own kids play on them, but NOTHING on the field has ever been inspected by a professional, licensed construction expert. You are using them at your own risk.
     There is no insurance on the field. It is not a business nor is it "for profit". Again, it's just a place to come and play. The annual $25 field dues veterans pay goes towards the upkeep and new structures on the field. However, the upkeep that we perform should not be taken as any sort of gurantee of any level of safety while playing.
     There has never been a serious accident on the field during a game and at many games, we do have trained medical personnel on hand, as well as several First Aid kits. The field is out in the country and there are indigenious life forms on the property. Players are advised to leave them alone. Players are also advised to wear a mouth guard if you are not wearing a full face mask. Chipped teeth can and do happen on play dates. THERE IS NO SMILING IN AIRSOFT!

     Players on the field MUST wear some form of eye protection. ANSI rated Safety goggles are the MINIMUM level of protection we will let you play with. Full Face, sealing masks are recommended for new players until you get comfortable with the sport. SUN GLASSES ARE NOT ALLOWED so don't be an idiot and show up with them to play.
     Again, the field is a "common sense" field. You can go anywhere, climb anything, jump out of anything you want to. But if you don't know how to exercise some common sense, this is nprobably not a field for you. No matter your age, AIRSOFT IS A BIG BOY SPORT and if you're gonna come out and play it, you are EXPECTED TO ACT LIKE ONE. Please read the waivers and medical forms below and make sure you understand and agree to them before you set foot on the field. This is a great sport and it's a shame we have to go through all this crap, but in this day and age, it's a fact of life.


     In order to play at the field for any normal playdate, unless the playdate organizer is using their own waivers which you can find out about in their event description in the forums, the waiver and medical release form below is the waiver you will need to have signed (and by your legal guardians if you are not 18 or older). A single page version of this form is available in the forums here. In order to play at any game, you also need a medical release form like the one below. That waiver can also be downloaded in a single page form from the forums and is available here
     If you are going to be playing at an event that DOES NOT USE NORMAL PLAYDATE FPS LIMITS, also known as a "high or no limit FPS game", then you will need the medical release above & THIS WAIVER instead of the normal playdate waiver. Beginning in 2013, Bad Karma is adding Polar Star and other types of external pressurized air tanks to the HIGH FPS LIMIT WAIVERS. External Pressurized Tank air guns currently present a unique problem in the airsoft community, one that we are looking to handle. That is, the ability to easily and rapidly change the feet per second (FPS) and rate of fire (ROF) limits, even during a game. Some would argue that there are some types of AEGs themselves that can do this, none can do it as quickly or as dramatically as the external pressure tanks can. FOR THAT REASON, only events listed on the Play Calendar as "POLAR STAR APPROVED" will be allowed to have these types of air guns used during play. Currently, no Bad Karma Core Team listed OPEN play dates on the calendar are approved for these air guns. There are still several event organizers who do allow them though, so PLEASE, make sure you check the Play Calendar BEFORE you show up to an event with one of these types of air guns and are refused entry into the game. If you are not sure or have questions about these types of air guns, please give me a call, or give the guys at any of the area Airsoft Retailers a call and they will be happy to discuss them with you. The new HIGH FPS WAIVER has the following inserted into it:

1b. This waiver also covers the possibility that Polar Star or other, similar types of external pressurized tank air guns may be present on the field at the event you are attending. These air guns have the ability to shoot very high feet per second (FPS) rates and very high rounds per minute (RPM) rates. The use of these types of air guns are currently being discussed by the airsoft community all over the country. Their use on many fields has been banned due to their nature and the ease with which their FPS and RPM rates can be changed “on the fly”. While we continue to debate the best way for these types of air guns to be used on the Bad Karma field, we are allowing their usage at events where the event organizer has publicly agreed to allow their use. These playdates are in no way endorsed by any member of the Bad Karma team, nor the owner of the land, except for allowing them and their game participants to use the land and structures that comprise the area commonly known as “Bad Karma Airsoft”. By signing this waiver, both the player and all legal guardians of the player (if the player is under 18), signify that they understand the risks involved in participating at an event with the potential for these types of air guns to be present and be used during play.