This is the same calendar that can be found in the forums. You can view by Week, Month, or the default Agenda view. The 15 day forecast is below as well. Playdates on the calendar are now ICON CODED for quick identification. Playdates with a little "MONEY BAG" in the title are PAY TO PLAY EVENTS and those with a little "SKULL" in the event title are OPEN PLAYDATES. If there is no icon or you see a "!", then that is a PRIVATE play date and unless you have been specifically invited to the field on that day, you cannot play.


  Pay your 2012 field dues NOW and be able to reserve up to two play dates at a time on the Field Calendar Above. Simply put the name of the person you are paying for and hit the big ole' button. Credit Cards ARE accepted.

Who are you paying for:

   Any player at the field who has paid his or her annual $25 field dues can reserve a play date if it is not already taken. Players may begin reserving playdates in March. A player may have up to 2 play dates at a time on the calendar. Once a play date has been set, the ONLY reason you could lose it is if we have to reschedule either NOOB DAY in March or COLOMBIAN BLEND in September. That normally never happens but weather forced us to have to move BOTH of those dates in 2009. Those two play dates take precedence over EVERY OTHER PLAY DATE ON THE FIELD.

     If you are interested in reserving the field there are a few things to keep in mind:

1) The person reserving the field MUST be 18 year old or older. If you are under 18 and want to reserve a playdate, a parent or legal guardian MUST reserve it for you and be on site for the duration of your event.

2) The person reserving the date is SOLELY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FIELD FOR THE DURATION OF THE EVENT! That means that you are responsible for leaving the field the same way you started. All field buildings and props must be put back in their original locations. Any moved filing cabinets or furniture in the larger buildings MUST be put back. It is YOUR responsibility to check the field over and if there are any broken items or things that need attention, I ask that you please inform me so that they can be fixed or maintained before the next game.

3) TRASH IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY!! There are trash cans all over the place. you are free to use them, but TAKE YOUR TRASH WITH YOU WHEN YOU LEAVE. The field is checked after games and by the next person coming in to play and if any trash is found to have been left behind, YOU WILL BE CALLED AND ASKED TO COME BACK OUT AND GET IT. You will not be allowed to host any further events until you clean it up.

4) WAIVERS ARE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. You can get waivers here on the website. It is in your best interest to get signed waivers from everyone coming out to play. The field is an "AS IS" field and there is no insurance on it. If anyone is playing on your play date without a waiver, they are TRESSPASSING and are subject to being kicked off the field. It is for YOUR PROTECTION to get the signed waivers for everyone playing at your event.

     There are three types of events you may hold at the field:

1) OPEN PLAY DATE: An open play date means that anyone browsing the website and sees your play date is free to come out and play with you. You are responsible for getting signed waivers from participants. Check the Upcoming Events Forum for play date descriptions.

2) PRIVATE PLAY DATE: An event marked private on the calendar is "invite only". How do you know if you are invited? If you haven't been notified, then odds are you are NOT invited. Don't show up to play

3) PAY TO PLAY: A pay to play event is usually open to any player that wants to play, but there is a cost involved. Check the Upcoming Events Forum for play date details. If you are hosting a pay to play event, then the field gets $5 PER HEAD, OFF THE TOP for the event. Anything above that goes to whoever the event host wants it to go to.