***ATTENTION*** All of the ticket and parking passes below can be "ADDED TO YOUR CART" and you can pay for all of them at the SAME TIME if you are buying a lot. Single Day Tickets can be bought in bunches UP TO 5, but you can add as many of those to your CART before ordering. You can buy as many parking passes and tickets as you need to BEFORE YOU ACTUALLY CHECK OUT.

What kind of ticket(s) do I need?

I am a single player and my parents are dropping me off. You need a SINGLE PLAYER TICKET FOR THE DAY YOU ARE PLAYING. Up to 5 tickets can be purchased at a time if friends are coming with you

I am a parent bringing my kid(s) and maybe some friends. Parents DO NOT NEED TO BUY TICKETS. There is no charge for parents attending. You need a SINGLE PLAYER TICKET FOR THE NUMBER OF KIDS FOR THE DAY YOU ARE PLAYING. Up to 5 tickets can be purchased at a time if friends are coming with you. You can MIX AND MATCH 5 player and single player tickets to get what you need

I want to camp out either Friday or Saturday night. You need to buy a PARKING PASS FOR THE DAY YOU WANT TO PLAY in order to camp out the night before OR BUY AN ALL WEEKEND PARKING PASS if you are coming both days. If there are more than 4 of you camping out, you will need to buy additional SINGLE TICKETS

I am driving myself and a couple of friends to the game and we're all playing. You need a PARKING PASS for the day you are coming, Saturday, Sunday or ALL WEEKEND. Each Parking Pass is good for your parking spot and 4 individual tickets. If there are more than 4 of you in the vehicle, you will need additional SINGLE PLAYER TICKETS

I have no idea if I'm gonna make the game or not and do not want to purchase advance tickets. You will need to just purchase tickets at the gate. GATE TICKETS WILL BE $15 PER PERSON. THERE WILL BE NO PARKING PASSES AVAILABLE ON GAME DAY!! YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET A PARKING PASS ON GAME DAY!! DROP OFFS ONLY ON GAME DAY!!!!

Advanced tickets sales for Noob Day 2017 are nolonger available. Get yours at the gate.


     All Advance Ticket Sales are FINAL. Game day happens REGARDLESS of the weather. All advance ticket sales go to the maintenance, upkeep and new buildings at the field. Bad Karma Airsoft is not a business. We are entirely dependent on events like this and field donations of our players to keep the field up and running. We are NOT a business, just the field where everyone plays. In the unlikely event the entire day or weekend event is canceled, anyone who purchases a parking pass will AUTOMATICALLY have that money transferred to their annual field dues, with all rights and privelieges that come with the annual field dues.