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    March 21st & 22nd boys and girls, mark that date on your calendar and make sure you get LOTS of sleep the night before because you're gonna want to get to the field early and you WILL be tired when we get through.
     THE COST TO PLAY AT NOOB DAY IS $10. Part of the money goes towards field upkeep and with your entry fee you get 2 FREE raffle tickets for the raffle, where we will be giving a way a LOT of cool items. As always, we are selling additional raffle tickets at the game $5 each. THIS YEAR ALL CHARITY TICKET SALES MONEY IS GOING TO THE EMPOWER ME CENTER FOR DISADVANTAGED KIDS.
     If you are a VETERAN wanting to attend Noob Day, please skip down to the bottom


     We know your son or daughter has been telling you all about the field and how bad they want to come and play. We also know how teenagers say the darndest things, so please take a moment and read what we want you to come away from Noob Day with when you leave the field today.
     If you are not familiar with Noob Day, then let me take a moment and tell you about it. New players to the sport or the field and their PARENTS are highly encouraged to attend Noob Day. It is geared entirely for you guys. Playing on the Bad Karma field is a BIG step up from playing in your back yard with friends. Those $30 Wal-Mart guns you may have been playing with simply won't cut it at the field and if you're used to playing with five to ten of your friends, you can expect 150 PLUS on normal play dates at the field. It is a BIG difference. And let's face it, it CAN be intimidating to the new players.
     Mon, dad... we want you to understand the sport your kids are about to get into AND to be a part of it in at least some small way. This isn't football, or baseball... THIS IS RUNNING AROUND IN THE WOODS SHOOTING AT EACH OTHER WITH BB GUNS! And quite honestly, if played correctly and with a little common sense, is THE MOST FUN SPORT your kids can do, bar none. And NOOB DAY is where we take the time to show you all about it. There will be plenty of veteran players on hand to show you around and answer any questions you may have about the field, the way we play, the equipment, or airsoft in general.


     * The airsoft we play at the field is different that what your child may have been used to playing in the back yard. Guns purchased from WalMart wil not hold up on the field. Your child is welcome to bring them and play with them, just do not be surprised when they don't come home.
     * We allow your kids to play at whatever age you are comfortable letting them play. I've seen some pretty gung-ho youngsters. The field offers many different types of terrain and playing environments that players of many different comfort levels will find they can play in and be a vital part of their team. We want you to be aware that your child will be playing with a wide range of player ages and levels of play. 99% of the players on the field will go out of their way to accomodate them and help them out if needed.
     *If your child is under 14, at least one responsible guardian over 18 is REQUIRED to stay on site with them or their group during the day. 14 or older, you can drop them off and pick them up at the end of the day.
     * your child needs to bring with them the following items on OPEN play dates (Noob Day is one):
     GOGGLES!! These are MANDATORY. We do not require full seal goggles. The very least we will accept are the "wraparound ANSI rated safety eyewear you can find at Lowe's or Home Depot. Shooting glasses are fine as long as they fully cover the eyes. For younger players, we HIGHLY RECOMMEND full face masks. Mesh masks are not recommended for players in general, but especially not for young players. If your child shows up with sunglasses, they will not be allowed to play.
     RED DEATH RAG is the only way to signify you have been shot on the field so people will STOP shooting at you
     WOODLAND CLOTHES (Something you don't mind them getting dirty)
     A BLACK AND A GREEN TYPE OF LONG SLEEVE SHIRT No matter what pants or boots, they need to have both colors of shirt. We tell teams by the color of your sleeves and there are times when we need players to change shirt colors to even teams up.
     THEIR GUN AND AMMO We normally have vendors on site for big game days, but plan for there not to be any and make sure your child has enough ammunition to play
     A CHARGED BATTERY We sometimes have a generator on site to charge batteries, but not always. Please make sure your child's batteries are fully charged before they get to the field
     FOOD/ DRINK/ COOLER There are no vending machines at the field, we don't have electricity for them. On Bad Karma play dates, we serve lunch ($5 hamburger/ hot dog/ chips/ drink) but we normally run out. Plan for some snack foods between games and especially make sure your child has stuff to drink. GatorAid and Water are highly recommended. Sports drinks.... NOT COKES
     A SIGNED WAIVER Signed waiver is required to play at the field. Without the waiver, they wil not be allowed to play. This is not a business, this is my personal private property, and those waivers are required to play.
     ACCESSORIES such as smoke grenades, field approved grenades, tac vests, etc.
  DO NOT LET YOUR CHILD BRING: Riot Shields, homemade explosive devices, fireworks, unapproved guns or homemade bb guns

     Your child will be extremely tired when they leave the field. They will sleep well I promise you. We want them to have a great day, one they will talk about and remember for a long time. Accidents seldom happen, but we cannot make any guarantees that your child will be uninjured at the end of the day. The most common injury we have, and we have 3 or 4 of them a year, is chipped teeth. THERE IS NO SMILING IN AIRSOFT! If your child does not use a full face mask, we HIGHY RECOMMEND they use a $7 mouth guard. On Bad Karma play dates, we have trained medical staff on hand to help with any emergency that may spring up. Again, these rarely happen, but we have had the skinned up knees, a dislocated knee where a player slid into hiding and ended up on rocks, the occassional bleeding (we are shooting bbs at each other), and during the hotter months, some heat exhaustion (seriously, bring water for your kids).
     The field is NOT A BUSINESS. I do not do this for a living, it's a hobby and I make the field accessible to players to have a relatively safe place to play their sport, away from neighbors who might not like it, on an awesome field. But, like any high impact sport, there exists the danger of injury, no matter how small. PLEASE BE AWARE of the risks involved in playing this sport and no matter how badly your child insists, if YOU do not feel safe letting them play with us, then BY ALL MEANS, TELL THEM "NO". There is no insurance on this field. It is offered to the players on an "AS IS" basis. There is no safety factor implied for any reason regarding the playing on, in, or around anything, anywhere on the field. There is nothing built on the field that I would not play on, nor would I mind my own kids playing on or in or around. Beyond that, you, AS A PARENT, will need to decide for yourself if you want them to play.Our job is not to try to convince you to let them play, just to explain to you HOW WE DO PLAY and then you can decide for yourself if it's right for you and your child.


     *The airsoft we play on the field is NOTHING like what you lay in your back yard. You will be playing with far more players than you are accustomed to, the games will be different, the envirnments will be different, and you will be required to work as a team with poele you do not know in order to prevail.
     * If you come with friends, 99% of the time you will be allowed to play together unless you want to play on opposing teams. We make every effort to keep you teamed up how you want to play, but every now and then you may need to be broken up. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE BOTH COLOR SHIRTS JUST IN CASE
     * There are links on the website to the homemade grenades we allow onto the field. You are welcome to make them, or buy them from vendors at the field. We will go over the rules for them before the game begins. DO NOT BRING HOME MADE EXPLOSIVE DEVICES OR FIREWORKS TO THE FIELD. They will be taken from you and not returned.
     * Please arrive early. We do the safety briefing at 9:30AM SHARP. it takes about 15 minutes. If you arrive late to the field, you will be rotated into games, but you might not have any idea what is going on.
     * If parents drop you off if you are 14 or older, PLEASE make them aware of what time to be back to pick you up. 5:30-6PM is usually the latest we stay.
     * Be repared to get shot. A LOT. There are usually 150+ on the field. Noob Day, that number can climb to 1000 or more (you read that right).


1) The field gates will be open by 7AM on Noob Day. There are 125 parking spots inside the main gates. We NOLONGER HAVE ACCESS to offsite parking. If you plan on parking and STAYING at the event, you MUST HAVE A PARKING PASS FOR THE DAY YOU ARE PARKING. Once all 125 parking passes are taken up, THERE WILL BE NO MORE ROOM FOR PARKING and you will have to drop players off.

     Once the main parking lot fills up, THERE WILL BE NO MORE PARKING ALLOWED ON SITE. THE ONLY WAY TO PARK AT THE FIELD ON GAME DAY IS WITH A PARKING PASS. NO EXCEPTIONS!! There is NO PARKING on the road. If you park on the road, your car is subject to being towed. Get your PARKING PASS AND TICKETS NOW

2) There will be airsoft vendors on hand for the event, selling everything from parts, to guns to bb's to gear and clothing of all kinds. If you don't have a gun or anything and just want to come by and see what all the hubbub is about, you are more than welcome to do so. You and your parents will find a LOT of information and you can watch a couple of games being played if you want to as long as you have eye protection (SUNGLASSES ARE NOT EYE PROTECTION. Minimum that is allowed are ANSI rated wraparound glasses you can find at Lowes or Home Depot)

     Parents and new players are more than welcome to broswe the vendors, walk the field and see the sites until about 8:45 when we will begin rounding everyone up for the safety briefing. PARENTS, we encourage you to talk to the vendors about equipment and AEGs while your kids are playing if you do not go down and watch them play. There is a wealth of information you can get from these guys and sometimes it's easier to do when the kids are not around.


3) Gonna be a lot of people at the field for Noob Day and we will need to get the day started by 9AM. The primary safety briefing for the day as well as a COMPLETE set of rules and behavior guidelines will be gone over beginning at 9AM SHARP. Normal safety briefings take about 10 to 15 minutes, but Noob Day takes about 20-25.
     If you have never played on a big field before OR ARE NEW TO THE BAD KARMA FIELD, we highly suggest that you be on time for the safety briefing. There is a lot of important safety and rules info.


4) We will have the first game underway by around 10AM. We normally play for a couple of hours, then break for lunch and will pick the games back up around 1 or 1:30PM and play until around 5PM. The Main Gates are open until 6PM.


     We divide into 2 main teams to play on game days, GREEN & BLACK. We tell the side you are on by the COLOR OF YOUR SLEEVES. If you decide to wear desert colors or something OTHER than GREEN AND BLACK, we will still put you onto a team, but it will cause confusion among the players. You should be prepared to get shot a lot, even by your own team and FRIENDLY KILLS DO COUNT!

     A red death rag is the ONLY thing that lets other players on the field know you are dead and on your way to respawn. Wearing this while you go to respawn tells other players NOT to shoot you. Walking around the field WITHOUT a death rag on is a CERTAIN way to get yourself shot. If you forget, they will be on sale at the field for $1 each.

     The field DOES serve lunch for $5 (burgers, hot dogs, chips & drink) but sometimes we run out before everyone gets through line. Besides, you will need WATER and SPORTS DRINKS throughout the day to keep you going. Energy food is a plus too. There are NO vending machines at the field. There will be vendors selling snacks and stuff, but PLEASE try to bring at least a small cooler of your own stuff. No one will take it.

     Parents who do not want to go down and watch the games are more than welcome to sit up in the parking lot and read, sleep, whatever. It's pretty shaded.

     You CAN NOT PLAY without a signed and dated waiver. If you are under 18, your PARENTS MUST ALSO SIGN AND DATE IT. You can find these on the website and in the forums. There will be extras on hand in case you forget. There will be vendors on hand selling supplies, but we have no way of knowing just how many people will show up to play and there is always the possibility that they may run out.
     Also, even though we do have a generator running on game days, BATTERY CHARGING SPACE is EXTREMELY LIMITED, so you need to fully charge your batteries the night before and hold off on shooting until the games begin to get the most life out of your batteries.


     Complete game day rules will be gone over at the safety briefing, but every player showing up to play on the field needs to know that Airsoft is a game of HONOR. Yes, we all love to win, but this is NOT an online game where you can be an ass and no one will never really know who you are. When you get shot, PEOPLE KNOW YOU HAVE BEEN HIT, and when you just shrug it off and keep playing, you INSTANTLY show everyone around you that you are a CHEATING DICK and people will remember you for that.
     By the same token, understand that you are firing PLASTIC BBs. They may look like real guns, but they are nowhere near them. Just because you put half a magazine downrange at someone does NOT mean you necessarily hit them. People who do that then start complaining or hollering "HER HIT! CALL YER HITS!" are almost as bad as the cheating dicks are. Refs will be all over the field and if you feel someone is cheating or doesn't feel their hits, ask a ref to go check them and we will.

     The accepted field FPS limits for all guns in use is shown below. All guns will be chronoe'd with OUR FIELD .25 BBs, not yours. if your gun is shooting OVER these limits, you will NOT be allowed to play with it. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to check your gun's FPS before you get to the field. Chronoe'd guns will be tagged and the tag must remain on the field for the duration of the day. If a ref spots a gun without a tag or finds a gun that has chronoe'd and has been tampered with, you will be dealt with on the spot. Just because you get your gun chronoe'd. does NOT mean that you cannot be spot chronoe'd later during the day.

AEGs 425 fps with .25 gram

SAWs 485 fps with .25 gram MINIMUM 50' engagement
SNIPER 550 fps with .25 gram MINIMUM 100' engagement

A Sniper rifle is one that can ONLY BE MADE TO SHOOT SINGLE FIRE. If your gun can be swtiched to FULLY AUTO, it DOES NOT QUALIFY as a SNIPER RIFLE

Parents are more than welcome to stay and watch, take photos, etc. We have plenty of orange ref vests and will be glad to let them borrow one. Same thing goes for spectators. If you know someone who might not want to play, but would enjoy watching, we have vests and eye protection to spare.


     We HIGHLY recommend that returning players to Opening weekend choose SUNDAY as your day to play.

     If your team actively recruits for new players, then you are going to be allowed to set up a card sized table by your vehicle and pass out literature to potential new recruits. We suggest that you tell a little about your team itself, your history, any dress or gun requirements, play schedule, etc. in your literature.
     This is the day that you want to show yourselves off. Any team representatives you have on hand for the day, PLEASE make sure they are very familiar with your teamand dressed to impress. Team logos, patches, etc. are highly recommended. Your representatives are bound to be asked all kinds of questions.


We now have 3 universal respawns for normal games. Located at the top of the main hill and at each end of the field, it'll cut down on the walk times to respawn. Certain games will still have different respawns but unless you are told otherwise, these three are the ones in use. There are a large number of games that we play and all of them make use of most of the 30 acres.

Basic Capture the Flag games:
     The defenders will walk down, carrying 5 flags with them. Both sides have maps of the entire field and where the major conflict areas are located. Defenders will have to defend prepositioned flags already on the field and attackers will have to place flags at certain locations. There are two versions of this game, the "manual choice for flags" and the "random choice for flags". For the "manual choice" whichever side is controlling the flags, they will have the option to place them where ever they so choose. The choices will be written down and sealed in a locked box until the end of the game where the locations can be verified by the other side after the game is over. If the defending team is holding positions, the attacking team must attempt to retrieve as many as they can. If the attacking team is PLACING flags, the defenders must attempt to stop them from doing so.
     In the "random choice" version of this game, whichever team is controlling the flags must pull the locations out of a hat prior to the game starting. Those locations are where the flags must be defended or placed in order to score points. I personally like the random version of this game because not only could some really crappy locations be drawn, but neither team will have any idea where the other is headed until the game starts. Team communication will become a must.

The "Yellow Cake"
A variation on Jay's idea last year. Each side takes their postitions (defenders on the field below the road and attackers starting from just outside the up top staging area) and the game begins. The team escorting the "Yellow Cake" will start from a predetermined position and will be forced to escort the "cake" (a brick in a wagon) to several locations on the field IN ORDER (before the game, the escorting team will draw the locations and they will be locked away until after the game). The escorting team will be given points based on how many locations they manage to visit. The opposing team will try to stop the escorting team and steal the "cake". The opposing team will have a wagon of their own and can transfer the "cake" into it and get away to a predetermined position and end the game. The kicker to all this is that each side will have only a few people who can actually handle the "cake". They will be equipped with rubber gloves and THEY are the only ones who can touch the wagon or touch the "cake" to move it if it falls out or gets transferred to the opposing side's wagon.

"The Escort"
Similar to the Yellow Cake game except that one side will be attempting to escort a person FROM a location TO a location on the field. The escortee can not carry a weapon but other than that he will not be identified in any way. The deal here is that the escortee can only die ONCE per game. If he is killed a second time, game over. We can make this a one time kill game as well if we want to. There are several variations on this game as well. We can have the escortee be carrying something and if he is killed, he must drop it, go respawn and come back to pick it up and continue. Only the escortee can carry whatever it is he is carrying. The escorting team must defend the "IT" right where it lays until teh escortee comes back to continue. The opposing team will simply have to aquire the "IT" and get it to a predetermined position to win the game.

         Quite possibly the most popular game we play. Teams start at opposite ends of Switzerland and rush to set off a bomb sitting on a table out in the open in the middle of the town. The team that sets it, must then guard it for 10 minutes when it goes off. If the opposing team manages to take over the bomb, they have to reset it, which starts the 10 minute timer over.

"Switzerland Jenga"
        A variation on the Switzerland game, instead of a bomb sitting in the middle of town, there is a stack of tubes sitting "JENGA" style. They all have random values marked on them and the object is to get in and get as many as you can in the time limit. When time is up, the values of the tubes is counted up and the side with the most points wins. A side must defend its "stash" or it could be stolen. A very fun game.

 We are going to have many, many props on the field this year. From a cobra helicopter, to the existing missile racks and AA gun, to new howitzers and computer control rooms, the field will have objectives practically everywhere. The idea here will be for the attacking team to randomly draw out a certain number of objectives to be completed and for them to "blow" as many as they can in the time period alloted. We will have the air cannons set up next to the objectives and when they are set off, that will signify a completed objective. Also, each main compound is going to have a control room set up in them with several old computers and collectors in them. The Computers will be numbered and the collectors will too. They will be wired with Cat 5 cables a ceratin way and the attacking team, in order to complete the objective, will be given a diagram to rewire the systems and the collectors in order to complete the objective. It may sound confusing, but when you see it, you will understand that it's simply "plug this cable here and that cable there" to win.

The Bombs
We are continuing to work on various bomb type props and hope to get them into the games this year.

Everything Else
In addition to these game types, there is always the usual "Kill everyone", "Hold Switzerland", "Pistol CQB" (we really want to try to bring back pistol games this year, those are a lot of fun) and anything else we can think of. As usual, all of these game types will be implemented in some form into the Night Game in September. So if you are planning on playing in that, it will be a good idea to familiarize yourself with each of these games during the regular season.