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                                     A lot of us are heavily into the Warhammer 40k Universe. I admit to being a HUGE dork fan and have read a ton of the novels. I had a story rolling around in my head for a couple of years and finally decided to write it. I've got the sequel outline drafted out and I'm trying to get into the mood to write it. Writing is a lot harder than it looks. Anyway, I've got it published and what I need is for someone to goad me into getting back into the sequel. I'm lazy.
     If yer bored outta yer skull and have a moment, go take a look at it. You can go to the online publisher and preview the first 10 pages online. I'm not asking you to buy it (but hey, if yer so inclined, have at it, you can even download it for cheap) but take a look at what I've got written and pressure me into finishing the sequel on the forums. The Warhammer 40k universe is a great place to hang around in and if you guys are looking for something to get into, you'll have a LOT of time to get into this.

2010 Playdates now online....
     The official 2010 play date calendar is now online. The "official" dates have been set and if you have paid your 2010 field dues of $25, then you may now reserve up to two (2) playdates as long as the field is not already taken. Just click on the big ole' PLAY CALENDAR link above to see what all is coming your way this year...

     Beginning with the 2010 season, field dues for veterans will no longer be voluntary. With an active player base of well over 400 players and with the field getting to be as big as it now is, with all of the larger structures being added, the time has come for EVERY veteran player on the field to help ensure it's continued existence.
     Up to this point, the $25 field dues has been strictly voluntary, and many of you guys have stepped up to help out. Hell, some of you have gone above and beyond and we greatly appreciate it. A good number of people make a point to come out in the cold of February and help build the field, help with repairs and maintenance, and other stuff throughout the year. But it's almost always the same group of people. We know not everyone can make it out to help build and we're not asking you to unless you can. But one thing EVERYONE CAN DO, is pay their $25.
     Do the math. If everyone pays their field dues, we will be able to do some really amazing things building wise, not to mention being able to do preventative maintenance on what is already built to make sure it lasts as long as possible. A couple of years ago, we started putting roofs on every major structure and that has made a world of difference. Buildings need to either be painted or weather treated and that ain't cheap.
     So, beginning with the 2010 season, we are gonna get hardcore with making sure that Veteran players pay their $25 field dues. Noobs will still be allowed to play their first year for FREE and after that, they will get to become veterans. Noobs can step still step up their first year and pay the field dues, wish will MAKE them veterans, but they don't have to. Players still have to pay their annual field dues in order to reserve play dates.
     I'm biased, but personally I think that we have the best field in the country and $25 A YEAR to play on it at any open play date or to reserve YOUR VERY OWN DATES is dirt cheap. Once a player has paid their field dues for the year, they will get their veteran card. Another big benefit to field dues is that once you get your veteran card, you can PERMACHRONO YOUR GUNS for the season. Once they are permachrono'ed, unless you make a change to them, you NEVER have to stand in line to chrono again.
      There is a link in the menu on the left of the site and you can pay your dues at any time. You can also pay them in person at a game. Noob Day in March is FREE to everyone attending. If you are a veteran and you manage to get into that game, that would be a good time to get your field dues paid. Beginning in April, we're gonna start checking for veteran cards AT EVERY GAME, not just the regular monthly BK games.

     You guys have a great place to play. We, as a community have a great bunch of people to play with, and $25 to help do your part to make sure that it all continues is the least we can all do. It's YOUR field too.


     The official date for Noob Day 2010 has been set. March 20th, 2010 is the date. Mark your calendar now because we're working to line up some new vendors to attend (custom airsoft T-shirts and clothing), as well as our longtime vendors. The field will be better than ever and we hope to top the 475 that made it out in 2009.

     Beginning the first of February, the annual month long (well, 6 weeks now) process of pulling maintenance, repair and the addition of new stuff to the field will begin. And as usual, we want YOUR input. We have used a lot of you guys' ideas in the past and we want you to keep it coming. Two years ago, we started the process of letting teams who can come up with the $600 needed to build a two story tower build it wherever they thought one was needed and that has worked out very well. That program will continue in 2010. If your team builds it, you also get to name it. ;)
     Hammers, drills, saws, and HANDS will be needed. The more the merrier. The field actually closes in February and will not reopen until Noob Day. The ONLY way you get to see the field early is to come out and help us build it. Every weekend in February and usually the first couple in March we will be building.


Nashville Airsoft

New CA AEGs in Stock, CA 416, CA UMC, CA UAC, A&K AEGs, Echo Silent Head Set, G&P "Explosive" Piston Heads, King Arms POM Hard Piston - This piston is great!

NEW PRODUCTS ON THE WAY: CA LWRC M4s, Magpul XTM rail panels, Magpul Texture rail panels, Magpul mag pulls, Magpul Videos


Phone: 615-837-0920
Located at 3656 Trousdale Dr.  Just off Harding Place at i-65 in Nashville 
Store Hours:
Tuesday - Friday 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Saturday 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
Closed Sunday -Monday

Point Blank Airsoft
October 2009

OPERATION LOST GEMINI: $20 to get in November 6th-7th at the Bad Karma Field. Full play date details can be found here

NEW ITEMS IN AT THE STORE: Classic Army M203 Grenade Launcher, Classic Army Mags (Hi and Mid Cap), ACU Cross Draw Vest, Knee & Elbow Pads, ACU Molle Hydration Kits

Point Blank Airsoft
148 Campbell Place
La Vergne, Tennessee


Airsoft Revolution
October 2009

     Flakjack Goggles 12.99   New Items In Stock: MK23 SOCOM Magazine, M9 "Heavy" KWA GBB, AK47 Beta Spetsnaz, .25G BB, Airsoft Elite

Airsoft Revolution

The Score
December 2009

     You might have seen the famous Ben Heck PS3 Slim Laptop around the internet.  He's taken a PS3 Slim and converted it into a fully-functional, portable PlayStation 3 device.

It's the only one in the known universe.  And it can be yours this holiday season.

For every $50 you spend at The Score of Cool Springs between now and December 19 at 6 PM, or every $25 in trades you bring to The Score during the same time period, you get an entry into the contest for this amazing piece of custom hardware.

Buying or renewing a Score Membership, purchasing the ScoreSwap(tm) game rental membership (annual), or booking a birthday or private party in full for sometime in the next calendar year will earn you 3 extra entries apiece.

Cool Springs Galleria
4091 Mallory Lane, Suite 124
Franklin, TN 37067

(615) 807 0124


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