Accepted Field Grenades

    The grenades are very easy to make. We ask that you NOT use a charge larger than an normal black cat style of single stick "popping" firecracker charge as the explosive charge in the center of the grenade. We have been able to make about 10 of these in about an hour. The steps are outlined below.

****WARNING: We are making these instructions available for you guys' benefit. Should you decide to make these in order to use during play, PLEASE follow the directions as closely as possible. If you come up with a way to make them better, please email me and I will get the changes posted to the site. You are using this design at your OWN RISK. We accept no responsibility for any injury or damage caused by your interpretation of this design.


Cut a toilet paper roll in half. Cap one end with a thick piece of cardboard. Cut the thick piece of cardboard so that it will fit inside the end of the tube. We suggest  HOT GLUING the thick piece in place. Countersink the thick piece of cardboard about 1/16th of an inch into one end of the tube. Run a bead of hot glue around the edges. Take an M-90 firework and HOT GLUE it to the piece of cardboard you just installed. Surround the M-90 with about 100-150 bb's. Take another thick piece of cardboard, cut a hole just large enough for the fuse to go thru and then push it down into the tube until it rests on top of the M-90. Make sure the fuse protrudes thru the top of the cardboard. Hot glue it into place. You now have a grenade you can use at teh field.