In an effort to help out new players, get used to how we do things on the field, listed below are the most common items we get asked about:

1) The field gates open between 7 and 7:30AM except on special event or non Bad Karma playdates. In those instances, please see the event info for times.

2) There is enough parking to easily accomodate playdates up over 200 players, which happens quite often. Please make every effort to park in the parking lot. My neighbors will appreciate it. You are free to park anywhere in the parking lot as long as you park like a person with half a brain. Bad Karma Core Team parking is designated and is reserved for the Core Team. Dan will be happy to throw a chain around your car and tow it out into the middle of the street if you park in a Core Team spot :)

3) Lunch is provided on game days for $5 and consists of hamburgers and hotdogs (all you can eat until we run out), chips, and drinks. Please bring some extra drinks with you, especially during the hotter summer months. You may bring your own food if you like

4) Trash cans are positioned all over the parking/ staging area. Please use them or find your vehicle filled with trash when you go to leave

5) There will be areas marked off for test firing, chronoing, etc. Please use them. Firing your AEG's in the parking lot or at a neighbor's house is a really quick way to get kicked off of the field. Airsoft is a big boy sport so please act like you have half a brain in the parking lot.

6) No real weaponry larger than a pocket knife is allowed onto the field at any time

7) If you have beer at the field to drink, we ask that you refrain from drinking it until the end of the day. The last official game ends at 4:30PM. After that time, people may go down and play "pickup games" until we close the gate around 6PM. Anyone drinking a beer is nolonger allowed to go down and play after that time. It is the responsiblilty of the individuals who bring it to keep up with who drinks it. Just so you know, there are several members of local law enforcement that play with us ON A REGULAR BASIS and will not hesitate to arrest you if the need arises. You have been warned.

8) Use some common sense for crying out loud. Whether you are 14 or 44, you are considered a responsible person when you walk onto the field. Please honor yourself and everyone else on the field and act like one. It's embarrassing to have to call people out for being a dick, but you will find that there are people who are readily willing to do so should the need arise. Luckily, we don't have much of that and I would prefer it stay that way.

9)Parents are more than welcome to stay and watch, take photos, etc. We have plenty of orange ref vests and will be glad to let them borrow one. Same thing goes for spectators. If you know someone who might not want to play, but would enjoy watching, we have vests and eye protection to spare.

10) Gun rentals are available from Nashville Airsoft for $25 per day. You need to call ahead and reserve one at their store well in advance of gameday. They go fast. 937-0920 is the store number. They are not open on Mondays.

11) On normal game days, teams are recognized by the color of their shirts. TEAM BLACK and TEAM GREEN. You should make it a point to bring a shirt of each color to the field because you may end up on either team. If you do not have the proper color apparrel, you will be duct taped with either BRIGHT YELLOW OR BRIGHT ORANGE to designate your team. It shows up REALLY well, so you are advised to bring the proper color shirts.

12) Only grenades of the type that can be found here are allowed onto the field. If you bring grenades to the field to use during a game, you will be asked to set one off PRIOR to being allowed onto the field with them in front of game day refs for approval. Grenades have special rules on Bad Karma game days.
     Grenades that go off OUTSIDE will not count as any kills unless players decide to call out. We are too busy monitoring the games to determine who was within a blast radius or who may or may not have gotten hit.
     Grenades that go off inside SINGLE STORY OR SINGLE ROOM BUILDINGS will kill everyone inside.
     Grenades that go fff inside MULTIPLE STORY/ SINGLE ROOM BUILDINGS will kill anyone ON THAT FLOOR
     Grenades that go off inside MULTIPLE ROOM BUILDINGS, NO MATTER HOW MANY FLOORS will kill anyone in the ROOM OR SECTION WHERE IT GOES OFF. WALLS determine what is or is not a section.

     Please check with the hosts of other game day games as their grenade rules may be different

13) There are two types of respawns during Bad Karma play dates and will be in effect field wise unless otherwise stated by game day hosts.
     Normal Respawns: The field has three normal respawns in the center-top and each far end of the field. When you are killed, you may elect to walk to the nearest respawn area, sign the book of the dead, and wait for AT LEAST 5 MINUTES before returning to the game. You may wait longer to go back in with team mates, but you MUST wait the minimum of 5 minutes before returning to play.
     When you respawn, you may exit the respawn in any direction. Once you get about 20-25 yards out, you are considered IN PLAY and may be shot again. If that happens, turn right around and go back to respawn. Use some common sense when respawning back into the game and WATCH YOUR BACK for respawns behind you.
     Medics: Medics are special players in the game who can bring you back to life without going to respawn. If you die, you may elect to sit or lie down WHERE YOU DIED (standing is not recommended because of the liekley chance to get hit by the battle still going on around you) and wait for a medic TO COME TO YOU. Normally medics are REQUIRED TO COME TO THE AID OF THE DEAD PLAYER. If they can get to you, they will wrap a band of tape around you wrist and you are immediately back in play.
     Players may only be allowed to be medic'ed back in ONE TIME before they MUST GO TO A NORMAL RESPAWN. If you are in respawn and you have medic tape on, take it off so you can be medic'ed back in next time you die. Rinse, Repeat

14) Any other questions can be asked in the forums or at the field on game day. We look forward to playing with you and against you this year


     Unless otherwise posted in the Upcoming Events Section for a playdate, the following FPS limits are in effect for every play date. Anything over the listed limits will be subject to Field Marshall decision to let you play or not.
     If you use lower or higher weight bb's in your AEG you will be responsible to figuring out what you should be shooting. There are calculators online for converting the FPS

AEG's: 425 fps with .25 gram bb's
     An AEG is classified on the field as a normal gun can can be made to fire either SEMI or FULLY AUTOMATIC. Any AEG that does not fit the definition of Support Weapon or Sniper Rifle falls into this category

SAWs & Support Weapons: 485 fps with .25 gram bb's @ a distance of no closer than 50 feet
     Support Weapons are classified as a normal world recognized squad support weapon that holds several thousand rounds in a single attached container which can usually be fired only in a fully automatic mode.

SNIPER RIFLES: 550 with .25 gram bb's @ a distance of no closer than 100 feet. Head shots are not allowed
     A sniper rifle is classified as being capable of ONLY FIRING SEMI AUTOMATIC. If the AEG in question can be made to fire FULLY AUTO, it doesn't matter WHAT YOU SAY IT IS, it is NOT a Sniper Rifle.

     These are currently the only three categories that your AEG can fall into at the field for chronoing purposes


We now have 3 universal respawns for normal games. Located at the top of the main hill and at each end of the field, it'll cut down on the walk times to respawn. Certain games will still have different respawns but unless you are told otherwise, these three are the ones in use. There are a large number of games that we play and all of them make use of most of the 30 acres.

Basic Capture the Flag games:
     The defenders will walk down, carrying 5 flags with them. Both sides have maps of the entire field and where the major conflict areas are located. Defenders will have to defend prepositioned flags already on the field and attackers will have to place flags at certain locations. There are two versions of this game, the "manual choice for flags" and the "random choice for flags". For the "manual choice" whichever side is controlling the flags, they will have the option to place them where ever they so choose. The choices will be written down and sealed in a locked box until the end of the game where the locations can be verified by the other side after the game is over. If the defending team is holding positions, the attacking team must attempt to retrieve as many as they can. If the attacking team is PLACING flags, the defenders must attempt to stop them from doing so.
     In the "random choice" version of this game, whichever team is controlling the flags must pull the locations out of a hat prior to the game starting. Those locations are where the flags must be defended or placed in order to score points. I personally like the random version of this game because not only could some really crappy locations be drawn, but neither team will have any idea where the other is headed until the game starts. Team communication will become a must.

The "Yellow Cake"
A variation on Jay's idea last year. Each side takes their postitions (defenders on the field below the road and attackers starting from just outside the up top staging area) and the game begins. The team escorting the "Yellow Cake" will start from a predetermined position and will be forced to escort the "cake" (a brick in a wagon) to several locations on the field IN ORDER (before the game, the escorting team will draw the locations and they will be locked away until after the game). The escorting team will be given points based on how many locations they manage to visit. The opposing team will try to stop the escorting team and steal the "cake". The opposing team will have a wagon of their own and can transfer the "cake" into it and get away to a predetermined position and end the game. The kicker to all this is that each side will have only a few people who can actually handle the "cake". They will be equipped with rubber gloves and THEY are the only ones who can touch the wagon or touch the "cake" to move it if it falls out or gets transferred to the opposing side's wagon.

"The Escort"
Similar to the Yellow Cake game except that one side will be attempting to escort a person FROM a location TO a location on the field. The escortee can not carry a weapon but other than that he will not be identified in any way. The deal here is that the escortee can only die ONCE per game. If he is killed a second time, game over. We can make this a one time kill game as well if we want to. There are several variations on this game as well. We can have the escortee be carrying something and if he is killed, he must drop it, go respawn and come back to pick it up and continue. Only the escortee can carry whatever it is he is carrying. The escorting team must defend the "IT" right where it lays until teh escortee comes back to continue. The opposing team will simply have to aquire the "IT" and get it to a predetermined position to win the game.

         Quite possibly the most popular game we play. Teams start at opposite ends of Switzerland and rush to set off a bomb sitting on a table out in the open in the middle of the town. The team that sets it, must then guard it for 10 minutes when it goes off. If the opposing team manages to take over the bomb, they have to reset it, which starts the 10 minute timer over.

"Switzerland Jenga"
        A variation on the Switzerland game, instead of a bomb sitting in the middle of town, there is a stack of tubes sitting "JENGA" style. They all have random values marked on them and the object is to get in and get as many as you can in the time limit. When time is up, the values of the tubes is counted up and the side with the most points wins. A side must defend its "stash" or it could be stolen. A very fun game.

 We are going to have many, many props on the field this year. From a cobra helicopter, to the existing missile racks and AA gun, to new howitzers and computer control rooms, the field will have objectives practically everywhere. The idea here will be for the attacking team to randomly draw out a certain number of objectives to be completed and for them to "blow" as many as they can in the time period alloted. We will have the air cannons set up next to the objectives and when they are set off, that will signify a completed objective. Also, each main compound is going to have a control room set up in them with several old computers and collectors in them. The Computers will be numbered and the collectors will too. They will be wired with Cat 5 cables a ceratin way and the attacking team, in order to complete the objective, will be given a diagram to rewire the systems and the collectors in order to complete the objective. It may sound confusing, but when you see it, you will understand that it's simply "plug this cable here and that cable there" to win.

The Bombs
We are continuing to work on various bomb type props and hope to get them into the games this year.

Everything Else
In addition to these game types, there is always the usual "Kill everyone", "Hold Switzerland", "Pistol CQB" (we really want to try to bring back pistol games this year, those are a lot of fun) and anything else we can think of. As usual, all of these game types will be implemented in some form into the Night Game in September. So if you are planning on playing in that, it will be a good idea to familiarize yourself with each of these games during the regular season.