Beginning with the 2010 season, every veteran is going to be expected to step up and help out with the field. Your $25 goes directly to the field and is used to help maintain and repair what is already out there and is used to add new structures. To give you an idea of how much it costs to add cool new stuff to the field, the new 3 story headquarters we added in 2009 was over $2800 BY ITSELF!
     If you want us to keep getting the cool buildings and props for the field, then we need the veterans to step up and help out. Noobs (people who are in their first year of play) can still play for FREE your first year while you decide if you like the sport and the field, but once your second year rolls around, you become a part of the field and need to pitch in.
     If you would like to reserve the field for your own playdates, even if this is your first year, you will have to pony up the $25 annual field dues. Let's face it guys... $25 is nothing for a full year of play on the greatest airsoft field in the country right.

FIELD DUES ARE "PER CALENDAR YEAR", so the later in a current year you wait to pay your dues, come January of the NEXT year, you have to pay them again. But even so, still, to be able to host your own games and play basically for FREE on the best field anywhere around, $25 is nothing.

There are FOUR ways to pay your field dues...

1) 100% secure Paypal Bad Karma Airsoft account. You can pay with a credit or debit card. The only down side to paying online is the $1.71 charge added to the $25 for using paypal. But still, $26.71 is still dirt cheap for a full year of airsoft right..... Simply fill in the blank with the REAL NAME of the player you are paying for and hit the pretty button.

Who are you paying for:

2) You can mail me a check or money order. Please do not send actual cash in the mail. Send it to:

     Mike Collinsworth
     2893 Callis Rd
     Lebanon, Tn 37090

     If you have any questions, you can call me at 615-308-7606 or you can email me at

3) You can pay your field dues in person at the field at any Regular Scheduled BK Playdate. Please check the calendar for upcoming playdates.

4) You can pay for your field dues and pick up the card at Nashville Airsoft as long as they don't run out.


     Every player that pays his or her annual field dues gets several cool things that make it even MORE worth it to help us out. When you pay your annual field dues, you will be able to set up your own playdates at the field. You can have up to 2 at a time reserved on the calendar.
     To reserve the field, the person in charge MUST BE 18 Years old or older. Reason for this is a couple of things...
     1. The field is NOT A BUSINESS just the place where we all play. There is NO INSURANCE OF ANY KIND ON THE FIELD. It is strictly PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK. When you reserve the field YOU ARE IN CHARGE OF THE DAY AND THE FIELD ITSELF. You must be a legal adult at least 18 or older to be in charge of the field for ANY type of play date.
     2. Did I mention that the field is STRICTLY PLAY AT YOUR OWN RISK. There are waiver forms on the website, see the link in the menu over to the left. They are for YOUR PROTECTION and I highly recommend that you make sure that everyone attending your play date has one signed by them, their parents if they are under 18, or their legal guardians if they are under 18.
     3. As a legal adult 18 or older, YOU are responsible for maintaining the field while your guests are playing on it. If they go crazy and burn down a building, YOU will be responsible for replacing it. ANY damage done to the field or any structure on it caused by players on your play date, YOU will be held responsible for.
     4. As the person in charge, YOU are responsible for carrying off ANY trash that gets put into the trash cans during your day of play. You are highly encouraged to bring trash bags because I am NOT A TRASH COLLECTOR. The field is spot checked after games and unless you notify me prior to your game day, if I come by and find trash everywhere, i will hold YOU responsible and YOU will be the one coming back to clean up and haul off the trash.

     Otherwise, that's about all there is to it.

     There are three types of events that take place at the field:

1) OPEN PLAY DATE: An open play date means that anyone browsing the website and sees your play date is free to come out and play with you. You are responsible for getting signed waivers from participants. Check the Upcoming Events Forum for play date descriptions.

2) PRIVATE PLAY DATE: An event marked private on the calendar is "invite only". How do you know if you are invited? If you haven't been notified, then odds are you are NOT invited. Don't show up to play

3) PAY TO PLAY: A pay to play event is usually open to any player that wants to play, but there is a cost involved. Check the Upcoming Events Forum for play date details. If you are hosting a pay to play event, then the field gets $5 PER HEAD, OFF THE TOP for the event. Anything above that goes to whoever the event host wants it to go to.