If your corporation, business, or group is looking for the ultimate in corporate events; whether it be a motivational event, reward event, or just a plain ole' good time event then we have exactly what you are looking for.

     Airsoft is a rapidly growing sport in America. It is basically the same thing as paintball, but without all the hassels of paint breakage, having to fill air tanks, and having to carry around a whole lot of heavy paintballs and equipment. Airsoft uses 1:1 scale replicas of actual firearms that fire plastic bb's instead of the large 68 caliber paintballs. Airsoft AEG's can fire up to 600 rounds per minute on full auto and are accurate to over 75 yards (more with an upgraded AEG). Everything is self contained inside the gun. There are no external ball hoppers or air tanks to contend with. Each AEG uses a battery to run an internal air compressor with fires the stored bb's from inside a standard sized clip. The AEG's weigh about a pound less than the actual gun they are based on.

     As to the inevitible question of "how bad does it hurt when you get shot?", let me say that it hurts a whole lot less than getting hit with a paintball, which is much bigger than the .25 gram 6mm plastic bb's that the AEG's shoot. However, because the airsoft guns can operate on full auto, you usually get hit more when you are targeted. Instead of the 1-4 rounds you may get with in paintball, you can count on getting hit wit about 10-12 rounds in Airsoft. Also, unlike the bruises that are commonplace with paintball, the welts you receive from an airsoft hit usually don't last very long.




     Airsoft games are generally considered to be mission or goal oriented than traditional paintball games, which have become speedball paint throwing contests. We maintain two fully realized compounds on our 30 acre field complete with 2 story buildings, perimeter walls and interior structures. We also have a seperate area that we are slowly building into a "city street" type area as well as several points of contention all over the field. For the new players or "noobs" as they are often called, we try to play a lot of "capture the flag", "defend the base", or "total elimination" type games. However, if you feel that during the day you are ready for some of the "old school" mission and goal oriented games, then we are happy to oblige.
      These types of missions are usually multiple objective type missions with the outcome dependent on how many objectives were completed by each side. The respawn rules also get a little more complicated as well. Retrieving a downed pilot or blowing a building or ammo dump are common objectives. We want you to have a fun day and so we try to keep the rules to a minimum so that the players can concentrate on working as a team to win a game rather than trying to remember a bunch of rules. But it will be your day on the field and we are very flexible




      A lot less than you would think. We can handle up to around 30 people at a time on the field who all need equipment. Our field actually hosts monthly and weekly games and averages 145+ players per game, but most of them have their own equipment. We actually do one big game a year where the numbers can go as high as475 on the field, but because we only have so much rental equipment, we like to keep the "closed games" to no more than 30 players. The cost to play per player for the entire day is $50. That includes:

* Your AEG (fully auto/ high capacity clips)
* 3000 rounds of ammo per person (more than enough)
* Your safety gear (goggles, etc.)
* A minimum of 2 refs on hand at all times who are fully familiar with how the guns work, how the games are played, and are ready to help you out in any situation.
* Lunch is provided. Usually, hamburgers and hot dogs with all the fixin's, chips and soft drinks and water. You will need to pack the brewskies (for end of day downtime).
* Full use of the field from 9AM until you are too tired to go on (usually around 3 or 4 PM. We guarantee you a good night's sleep when the day is over.
* The event can be rescheduled due to rain-outs.
* For an additional $40 total, we will have photographers on-hand to take high quality photos and video of your day and give them to you at no additional charge on CD. Images are usually 8 to 12 megapixel originals which are suitable for blowing up poster size without loss of resolution


     There is none. We just love this sport! Your field rental money goes right back into the upkeep and expansion of the field. Airsoft costs considerably less to play than paintball and in our opinion, is a heck of a lot more fun. We have the largest field in Tennesse and the largest free-play field in the SouthEast. We hope that by coming out to play, some of you might actually find something you like enough to come back and play with us on our normal playdates. The more targets (er, people) on the field, the more fun it is. Our normally scheduled games have players ranging in age from 14 to 55+. It is some really good excercise, you get to meet a lot of really nice people, and you learn what it means to work as a team toward a common goal, plus you get to shoot at people without actually hurting them....what more could you ask for from a sport?


     Reserving the field requires a $200 deposit which is fully refundable up to 5 days prior to your event. After that, food and arrangements have been made for your playdate and the deposit cannot be refunded, but the playdate can be rescheduled. Playdates cannot be scheduled on actual Bad Karma playdates (usually the 3rd Saturday of every month March through November). You can find our complete play schedule here.
      Playdates arranged during the week (M-F) will be guaranteed a minimum of 2 referees. If you have any questions you would like answered, even if you have not yet decided on a playdate, or if you would like to tour the field, please feel free to call me. I will be happy to answer your questions or set up a time to show you the field.

I can be reached at the following:
Cell: 615-308-7606
Email: mcollinsworth@lebanontn.org