Strength: We are a strong team. We have been together for over 15 years with 6 members still active from the very first incarnation in 1992. We strive to not only distinguish ourselves on the field itself, but hold various functions and dedicated games throughout the year that are geared towards the airsoft, military and outside charitable communities.

     Honor: If anyone ever tells you, “It’s not if you win or lose” then they probably don’t win very often. Winning is important to a team. But HONOR on or off the field is MORE IMPORTANT. Winning at the expense of HONOR is not how we conduct ourselves on the field. HONOR off the field is just as important and being good ambassadors to the sport is very important to us as a team.

     Loyalty: Team Comes First! All of us have lives outside the team and this sport. However, when it’s time to get it on, it’s time to get it on and the entire team supports this spirit of unity. We play together, we support each other, on and off the field. It’s what makes us a team
     No Mercy!: We don’t expect any......We don’t give any. There is no shame in losing a game as long as you give it your all.

     Bad Karma was first started as a Paintball team way back in 1991. We managed to retain most of the original core members from that team when we switched to airsoft in 1999. We maintain the 3rd largest airsoft field in the country. The Bad Karma Field is ENTIRELY PLAYER SUPPORTED. The only thing players pay for on our field is an annual $25 field dues which all goes for maintenance and upgrades to the field. We have a large loyal player base that continues to support the field and it grows every year. We are very proud of the work that we have put into our field and the support all the guys make to keeping it the best field around.
     On game days, Core Team members can be found by looking for our signature caps with the core team logo on it. If you meet us on the field itself, you better come prepared for a fight. With a collective airsoft knowledge base of over 25 years of AEG upgrade and repair expertise, knowldege of the game and it's variations, and how tio run a field, if you ever have any questions about the sport of Airsoft, you can ask any of us and we'll be glad to share our experiences with you.
     In 2004, we started the very first annual Noob Day event, which in 2009 grew to become the second largest aingle day airsoft event in the country. With 475 players and well over 500 in total attendance, the event draws players from Tennessee and every surrounding state. We regulary have players travel from as far away as New Orleans and Virginia for the event, which is dedicated to introducing not only new players, but their parents as well to the sport of Airsoft.
     The Bad Karma field is proud to say that we have a large military presence at our events. From currently active duty to retired military and law enforcement, a large contingent of military and law enforecment personnel call our field home and we wouldn't have it any other way. We are also very proud to have been selected and have members of our team serve as part of the OPFOR contingent helping to run Operation Irene for the past several years. To Chuck and the guys at Opforce who help John Lu put on that event, you have our sincere thanks.
      Both on the field and off, Bad Karma has a strong sense of comradery among its players. From computer LAN parties, our annual canoe trip for Core Team members, to our charity golf tournaments, the guys of Bad Karma understand that although airsoft is the core of what makes us a team, there is much more that we hold important not only as a team, but as friends. With luck, we will be doing this until we die.