If you are wondering just what the field itself looks like, here are the latest photos from build month 2009. These photos are gonna be pretty big so if you have a slower connection, give them a minute or two to load in.

The Entire Field

Bad Karma Airsoft Field Layout
Some buildings that were put up for Colombian Blend:V are not shown in the photo above. The little red "L" shaped icons represent the CB:V additions

     Bad Karma Airsoft Helo Pad

This is a good view of the helo pad, the rocket batteries and the upper LEFT of where Switzerland begins. The red icons represent new buildings not in the photo

Bad Karma Airsoft Switzerland Layout

This is a good view of Switzerland. Guess what the red icon is. The upper left tower just above the red icon is
the same tower you see in the HELOPAD photo above. The building at the bottom of the photo just right of center is 3 stories high

Bad Karma Airsoft Old Compound

This is the Original compound that was first built. It was the second set of structures (the original is long gone but
pieces of it can still be found around the field. This area is getting a major face lift for the 2010 season.

Bad Karma Airsoft Rear View

This is a view from the back of the field. The new compound sits on in the woods and is hard to see. It is getting
some needed repairs for 2010 as well. The parking lot can accomodate quite a lot of players.

Bad Karma Airsoft Field Left View

One more good shot of the entire field and our normal play boundaries. With several distinct compounds as well
as varying amounts of cover and CQB, the field is big enough to handle a large amount of players and still let
those who want to sneak around to their heart's content.


     These are photo galleries from past games. Sorry about the crudity of the earlier galleries. They are from 2006 and I was still learning how to put them together. The newer galleries are better done.

Bad Karma Original Compound 1998 & the 1994 Joey Field (egad this is old)
Night Game 2004 "Operation Bac Lo"
Noob Day 2005
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Colombian Blend 2 Gallery
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